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Profile of Notes from Nature Team Member: Joan Ball

Name: Joan Ball

Title: Ph.D. Student

Where do you work primarily?  UC Berkeley, Essig Museum of Entomology

What you do in your day job? I study aquatic insects as indicators of freshwater ecosystem health.

What’s your role with NfN and what do you hope to gain from it?  If relevant, how will your research benefit?  I work on the Science team for Calbug and I’m compiling data from dragonfly and damselfly specimens for my dissertation research. Notes from Nature will provide historical records of species occurrences throughout California that I am using to study changes in dragonfly communities and species distribution over the past century.

What’s the most exciting aspect of citizen science work from your point-of-view?  I’m excited for online volunteers to see our insect specimens from wherever they are in the world, and to learn how we use specimen data in research.

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