What collections would you like to see?

We hope that you’ve been enjoying the variety of collections in Notes from Nature so far.  If you’ve followed recent conversations, you’ll know that we have plans to add much, much more.  There are billions of possible specimens that could be transcribed through this project.  If you have manage a collection, please get in touch with us to express your interest.  If you are a citizen scientist with a favorite local collection, please share the Notes from Nature project with collection managers and encourage them to reach out to us.

A great way of advancing this discussion would be via the Notes from Nature Talk section here:  http://talk.notesfromnature.org/#/boards/BNN0000005


3 responses to “What collections would you like to see?”

  1. Darryl Simpson says :

    I’m not sure how to start a discussion, so I will ask here. What has happened to the percentages? They seem to have crashed. Are we starting them all over again?

    • Andrew Sallans says :

      Darryl – thanks for noticing the percentage changes. We’ll have a post explaining this shortly, but the brief story is that new specimen sets have been added, which means the pool is now larger, and the total percent complete is now lower. We realize these statistics are also a bit confusing, given these changes, so we’re working to figure out a better way to clearly represent what is happening. Thanks for your interest and we hope you’ll keep participating in Notes from Nature.

  2. Transcriber says :


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