Are you a teacher?

One thing the Notes from Nature team has been interested in doing from the start, but hasn’t yet found the time to squeeze in, is to develop educational materials utilizing the Notes from Nature content and release it via the Zooniverse ZooTeach site.  For those who have never heard of ZooTeach, it is described as a place “where educators can share high quality lesson plans & resources that compliment the Zooniverse citizen science projects.”

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 10.12.28 AMAre you a teacher?  Do you love Notes from Nature?  Would you like to integrate it into your curriculum?  If yes, please reply to this post with a comment to begin a conversation about how to do this.  We’re eager to reach a broader audience and partner with you!


3 responses to “Are you a teacher?”

  1. Ryan aesar says :

    I can think of a few simple ways to have a nice lessons on biodiversity, conservation, the importance of museum collections, etc. I’d want to be able to do two things easily though: a) track data transcribed by my classes and b) easily export transcribed data so it can be locally used/manipulated.

    • Andrew Sallans says :

      Great ideas, Ryan! Are you interested in working with us to come up with some of these lessons and then posting them in ZooTeach?

  2. Tatyana Livshultz says :

    I plan to use Notes from Nature as an simple exercise to introduce college freshmen to natural history specimens. I’m thrilled to have 4 different collections for them to look at. My current plan is to show them the site and how to transcribe each collection in class and then ask them to submit a pdf of their profile showing their transcriptions. As Ryan said, having better tracking and access to class data would be very useful.

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