A new milestone!

The Notes from Nature team is proud to report reaching the new milestone of 300,000 transcriptions completed!  This has been made possible by the generous and committed efforts of nearly 4,000 citizen scientists from around the globe.  We look forward to continuing the project and sharing more biological collections with you in the near future.  Thank you citizen scientists!

To continue growing and expanding, we are interested in your feedback.  What excites you the most from Notes from Nature so far?  How would you like to see it evolve?  Leave a comment and let us know!


One response to “A new milestone!”

  1. T-M says :

    This is really a great and interesting project!

    I registered about one week ago at Zooniverse and I tried almost every project just for curiosity. I thought my English wouldn’t be good enough for a “text-based” Project like Notes from Nature, but I just wanted to see how it works. And than I realized I really could do it, because I just have to understand the original text and to transcribe what I see, not to write my own texts.

    And now I already have transcribed 475 entries.

    Most interesting for me is the Herbarium. I was never interested much in biology, but somehow it’s fascinating to see and read about so many different plants from places far away. (You might say most of them are from the US, but for me this is far away.)

    The only thing I worry about a bit sometimes is the quality of the data produced, as there are almost no rules how to handle some problems (i. e. what should be used as “state” and “county” in other countries than the United States or which scientific name should be used if there is more than one determination label).

    I know there can’t be a rule for every case, but maybe at least for the common ones.

    I also know every entry is transcribed multiple times, but I think it would be easier and better to prevent the uncertainties instead of trying to correct them later.

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