More progress

Last week another herbarium collection reached 100%! As always we want to thank all the volunteers that helped make this possible. The NFN team is thrilled to see this progress as we move towards launching a new version of NFN this coming spring. Our goal is complete all the current collections before this time.

The collection that was just completed is from the Botanical Research Institute of Texas, however the specimens in these images were originally from the Vanderbilt University herbarium. This collection was housed on the Vanderbilt University campus until it transferred to Texas in 1997. These kinds of transfers between museums happen from time to time, but this one is notable for it’s size (over 350,000 specimens) and historical importance. The Vanderbilt collection is mostly comprised of specimens collected by R. Kral who was a very important collector in the southeastern United States. We will have more specimens from this collection coming in the future.

For those looking for more herbarium specimens, we still have two active collections where you can contribute today.


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