Notes From Nature Challenge!

Hi Everyone,

The Notes From Nature project needs your help to digitize the treasure trove of biodiversity data stored in our natural history collections. NFN has some exciting news and a big favor to ask of you, particularly given this is Citizen Science Week, celebrating all the amazing efforts by volunteers here at Zooniverse and around the globe. As part of the events for the week, the project will be featured during the White House Science Fair

As we noted recently (, we will be re-launching with an all-new site and are soon ready to go live! As part of this process, we have set a goal to complete all of the images that remain on the site. This is close to 25,000 transcriptions. We are aiming to complete the remaining transcriptions by end of May, and we need your help to make that goal.

The images that you will find come from different types of museum specimens. Our focus is to finish our current macrofungi (mushrooms!) and herbarium specimens (plants!). Unlocking these data is critical to our understanding of biodiversity and we need your help to do it.

Please head over to Notes From Nature right now to help us complete our challenge at


Michael and the Notes From Nature Team


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