Macrofungi complete!

Thanks so much to all Notes from Nature contributors to the Macrofungi interface! We are so very grateful for your work and we hope that doing these transcriptions has piqued your interest about these amazing organisms and maybe you even want to get out in the field and look for some yourself. If so, there is probably a mushroom club in your area where you could learn more about them through walks in the woods or seasonal displays.  Our volunteers from North America can check the website of the North American Mycology Association for more information about local clubs and events.

This set of Macrofungi images dates back to 2013. It was a very large set of images and t is wonderful to have them completed. We are unlikely to post image sets like this in the future. With the launch of the new Notes from Nature, we intend to focus on smaller theme based image sets or expeditions. For example, a new Notes from Nature expedition could represent fungal specimens from a specific geographic area. Our goal is the make the content more meaningful and to complete image sets more quickly.

Thanks again from the NFN team.


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