A few new badges

We are really excited about all the initial effort on the new Notes from Nature!  We already have seen 7 expeditions finish, just in these first few weeks. We hope that you like the shorter expedition format, and we wanted to especially thank those who are working across these different expeditions.  For those explorers doing just that, we now have a new set of badges that certifies your efforts working broadly on transcribing natural history collections.  The first badge rewards you for efforts working across 5 expeditions and the harder badge to get is working across 25 expeditions.  And yes, true that we don’t yet have 25 expeditions up or finished, but those are coming, and that badge will become yours to collect sometime soon.

These badges are already activated on your Field Book, so take look to see if you have already earned the first one.

Again, thanks for all the efforts. If you like (or have some ideas for us how to improve) Notes from Nature, give us a holler.  We want to make Notes from Nature awesome for you and to serve a real value for understanding biodiversity.


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