Another one done (Bellflowers of Arkansas)

Another expedition is complete for the Plants of Arkansas. Thanks again to all who worked on the Bellflowers (Campanulaceae).  Another critical milestone has been met!

We now have only the Delta and Crowley’s Ridge Flora as an active expedition from Arkansas U.S.A.  The Delta Region is greatly under-explored and under-appreciated area.  This particular project is helping to fill in knowledge gaps at a time when additional field exploration is underway.  Because conversion from natural habitat to row-crop agriculture has been so extensive in this area, finding those places that retain natural vegetation is really important for conservation efforts.  In addition to the Delta Region expedition, expect a series of new expeditions in the coming weeks targeted to @tmarsico’s Dendrology class being taught at Arkansas State University.  For the first time, Notes from Nature will be implemented as a formal study tool for coursework.  Stay tuned for updates on how this aspect of Notes from Nature unfolds.


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