Thanks! And a new approach for using NfN in the classroom

Again, we are so thrilled to have completed another Arkansas transcription project (now our third).  The Delta and Crowley’s Ridge project is particularly meaningful to Researcher @tmarsico, as he has a graduate student working on assessing collection bias in this region in Arkansas.  The data from other institutions will help answer these research questions.  In other BIG news, @tmarsico was recently just awarded two National Science Foundation grants to improve the collections at Arkansas State University and to mentor scholarship students in a biodiversity program. Press releases and video.

These new grant projects will be huge for regional biodiversity research, student education, broadening participation, and outreach to the public. Affiliation with projects like this one on Notes from Nature helps to get the important data that will be used by these students.

Thanks again for all your help.

Also, be on the lookout for new Arkansas expeditions coming online as of today. There will be a new one each week for a while. In the name of the expedition there will be a date as we are testing out some new educational approach with these new expeditions. Please feel free to check out these expeditions, but if you are planning to do lots of transcriptions over the next week, it might best to try one of the other herbarium expeditions so that the Arkansas State University students will be able to complete their assignments. The goal here is for the students to study the specimens of the species they are seeing each week and learning something about their distribution and ecology as they transcribe labels.  In other words, Notes from Nature is being set up as a targeted study tool for the students in his class.


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