SERNEC WeDigBio events

A big event is around the corner for herbaria worldwide. WeDigBio, a worldwide digitizing event, is happening October 20-23, that’s just 8 days away!  Many herbaria are planning events for students and citizen scientists to gather online or onsite for talks, workshops, and more. This is all in an effort to encourage the digitizing of collections. SERNEC is planning to have 9 collections represented. You can see if there is one happening near you on the WeDigBio event list.

This is not just limited though to large herbaria but also smaller universities collections. This event will give people an opportunity to learn what is going on in the natural history collection world and they can help mobilize critical biodiversity data for public use. Please consider joining us onsite or online next week.

Jordan Willet — Graduate Student at Appalachian State University


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