Help us transcribe fossil collections

Join paleontologists of all ages in looking at images of fossil specimens and contribute to our understanding of Earth’s past life.
Notes from Nature is pleased to announce that we’re unveiling our fossil label transcription service in honor of National Fossil Day and WeDigBio. Log in or sign up now to begin looking at fossil specimens from around the world in various museum collections.

Our first transcription expedition consists of a significant collection of Cambrian trilobites casted by Charles Deiss, of Indiana University. Dr. Deiss visited many world-class institutions to make these plaster molds as perfect replicas of the fossils contained in the original museums for his research. Plaster molds were used by Dr. Deiss and other scientists in the early part of the 20th century because 3D scanning and printing didn’t exist yet! Fortunately, sharing research data is considerably easier with new technology AND helpers like YOU! Thanks for enabling others to find out more about this world-class collection of fossils and molds by transcribing labels from this unique collection!


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