Finishers needed for a NFN challenge

Hi everyone, we are just about finished with 5 expeditions and we wanted to see if we could make a big push to get these done!  The total number of transcriptions needed varies from 8 needed to 321.   So, the challenge is:  Can we get these 5 expeditions done in the next 24 hours?  Let’s find out!  You’ll find the expedition names and number needed below.  Just hit the link to start transcribing.  And thanks for being a finisher!

Herbarium_Arkansas Dendrology: Part 6: White Oaks 8 more transcriptions to do

Butterfly_New World Swallowtail Butterflies from the Field Museum of Natural History 24 more transcriptions needed

Herbarium_WeDigFLPlants’ Sunflowers of Florida—Florida’s Biggest Plant Family129 transcriptions left

Herbarium_Plants of Texas: milkweeds and spurges and birches, oh my! 182 transcriptions to go

Herbarium_Arkansas Dendrology: Part 5: Blackberries, cherries, hawthorns, buckthorns, elms, hackberries, and mulberries — 24 October 2016321 transcriptions still to do


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Three "B's" of importance: biodiversity, bikes and bunnies. I get to express these "B's" in neat ways --- I bike to a job at the University of Florida where I am an Associate Curator of Biodiversity Informatics. Along with caretaking collections, I also have a small zoo at home, filled with two disapproving bunnies.

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