Beat the ETC (estimate time to completion)

Hi everyone, and Happy Almost New Year from everyone at Notes from Nature.  Its been a great year for NFN (bucking, perhaps, the overall trend), with our re-launch, WeDigBio and lots of great activity on the site . And we are excited about some new features coming in 2017.  In the interim, we have been trying to finish a few more expeditions off before we launch some new ones.

Below are the expeditions that are nearly finished and the ETC (estimated time to completion) — we are hoping to be able to beat those ETCs if you can help out.  Lets see by how much we can beat them.  We’ll report the outcome here soon (we hope!)  You can check how you are doing to help get there by checking our handy-dandy and now less cluttered stats page:

Aquatics_Aquatic Insects of the Southeastern United States
ETC* 3 days

Herbarium_Arkansas Dendrology: Part 8: Hickories
ETC* 5 days

Pinned Specimen_Tiger Beetles 3
ETC* 8 days

Magnified_The Killer Within: Wasps, but not as you know them
ETC* 19 days


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Three "B's" of importance: biodiversity, bikes and bunnies. I get to express these "B's" in neat ways --- I bike to a job at the University of Florida where I am an Associate Curator of Biodiversity Informatics. Along with caretaking collections, I also have a small zoo at home, filled with two disapproving bunnies.

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