Finishing race?

We noticed today that two of our current expeditions are ~80% complete with an estimated time to completion (ETC) of 11 days. They are Arkansas Dendrology: Part 7 and CalBug Leaf-cutter Bees 3.

They aren’t directly comparable since Arkansas Dendrology: Part 7 has fewer overall images, but we wondered if our transcribers might want throw their weight behind one or the other? So which do you prefer red oaks or bees? Maybe you like them both. Try out a few and follow along on the Statistics page to see how things unfold.


The NfN Team



2 responses to “Finishing race?”

  1. ilke says :

    I worked on the bees for about 1 week, did about 700 entries and loved this one…
    It’s good it’s finished, but I will miss it

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