WeDigFLPlants Launches Ninth Expedition

WeDigFLPlants is a collaboration between professional research botanists, amateur naturalists, gardeners, educators, and citizen scientists to build the most complete picture possible of plant distribution and diversity in Florida over the past 200 years. The group’s new expedition is focused on the plant family Euphorbiaceae (spurges) in the Florida Panhandle.  This includes about 50 native and naturalized relatives of the plants that bring us natural rubber, cassava, tung oil, and castor oil.  The specimens in this expedition are each curated either at the University of West Florida’s Michael I. Cousens Herbarium or Florida State University’s Robert K. Godfrey Herbarium.  If you’d like to learn more about WeDigFLPlants, we encourage you to visit where you can find, among other things, a plot of transcription activity across the WeDigFLPlants expeditions through time.

Thank you for your contributions to WeDigFLPlants’ expeditions!

Austin Mast, Florida State University



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