Thanks for talking

We’ve mentioned recently that we’ve been thrilled to see more effort on Notes from Nature in terms of transcriptions.  We also wanted to mention that there has been an equally strong uptick on the talk channels.  We want to encourage everyone to talk about the objects, connect with like minded folks, etc. We really appreciate the feedback.  As extra encouragement, we are now offering two new badges, the “Communicator” badge, for posting one item on “talk” of any sort,  and the “Socializer” badge, for 25 posts.   Rather than spoil the fun, we are going to keep the badges a surprise for now, but encourage you to get those badges!


About Rob

Three "B's" of importance: biodiversity, bikes and bunnies. I get to express these "B's" in neat ways --- I bike to a job at the University of Florida where I am an Associate Curator of Biodiversity Informatics. Along with caretaking collections, I also have a small zoo at home, filled with two disapproving bunnies.

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