A big thank you from Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

A big thank you from Royal Botanic Gardens Kew  – challenge accepted and completed.


Many thanks for completing our expedition Primulaceae of the world: An amazing 3,092 specimens have now been transcribed. We appreciate that we did not begin with an easy set of specimens. They were collected from all over the world, often the labels had very difficult-to-read handwriting and even contained different languages (including Cyrillic script!). However you were up to the challenge! We are also pleased to say that we created a few George Forrest fans, one of the many prolific and famous plant collectors whose specimens are represented in the herbarium at Kew. We are now looking forward to getting our hands on the data and coming up with ideas for improvements to try and make future expeditions a bit more straightforward for you.  It may take us a little bit of time to analyse the specimen records and incorporate them into our herbarium catalogue, but once we complete this stage the records will become widely available to researchers worldwide, all thanks to you. The data will also be fed into projects at Kew helping us to understand the taxonomy, evolution and diversification of the tropical Primulaceae.

Sarah, Laura and Marie-Hélène

Herbarium Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew


One response to “A big thank you from Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew”

  1. Helen Bennett says :

    You are very welcome!

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