We’re preparing for WeDigBio – will you help us spread the word?

The Natural History Museum in London is pleased to be taking part in the upcoming WeDigBio global event again this year, from the 19th to the 22nd of October, and we hope that you’ll join us!

WeDigBio 2017 is all about digitising natural history collections to make them available to all to research and study, and participating Museums and Institutions around the world will be hosting live events  as well as inviting others to join us online.

The Natural History Museum will be hosting two Visiteer groups on the Thursday and Friday of WeDigBio to tackle Miniature Fossils Magnified. We’re going to aim to get this Expedition completed, so the more people you can invite to join us, the merrier!  You can follow our progress at @NHM_Digitise.

WeDigBio will be a great opportunity to meet other natural history enthusiasts around the world online, so be sure to follow the communications on @WeDigBio and #WeDigBio2017 to find out how to join the live video feeds during the day to connect with folks from Australia to Europe to North America.


About margaretgold

I'm the Science Community Coordinator at the Natural History Museum, London where I work together with our Digital Collections team and Citizen Science teams to help set the world's Natural History data free. I also lead the crowdsourcing work within SYNTHESYS, which is an EC-funded project creating an integrated European infrastructure for natural history collections.

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