The Delta and Crowley’s Ridge Flora (Part III)

We just completed our Plants of Arkansas: The Delta and Crowley’s Ridge Flora (Part II), which means (of course) that we are ready for Part III.  This project is a little different than our previous ones, as all the specimens included come from the University of Central Arkansas Herbarium (UCAC), and only the locality and habitat or description information need to be completed.  This means that specimens can be transcribed in record time.

I now have three graduate students who are working to discover the hidden diversity in this region of the state.  They are conducting field projects by making new collections and exploring this understudied region.  They also are using existing data in their work to fill knowledge gaps.  By assisting us in filling these data fields on the existing specimens, we can more effectively utilize these existing specimens in our research.  In other words, our new Notes from Nature expedition launch is directly related to my current laboratory research program and will assist three graduate students in their research efforts.  Thanks again for all you do, and please know how important your contributions are.

Travis D. Marsico, Curator, Arkansas State University Herbarium (STAR)


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