Understanding A Critical Symbiosis: Nitrogen Fixing in Plants II

In this expedition, we are partnering with The Ohio State University herbarium, covering global nitrogen-fixing diversity, especially Andean and Patagonian species, to help unlock biodiversity data in plants with nitrogen-fixing symbioses. This will help us understand the symbiosis from the genetic level to ecology. All the specimens you are helping to transcribe will also be used to generate genomic data, in order to help us further understand the underlying basis of this symbiosis. The label data are also important for helping us understand how the environment and geography have shaped this symbiosis. Your contributions will help us build one of the largest biodiversity projects yet attempted to understand the origin of this globally important plant trait.

We have mentioned how important nitrogen fixing symbioses are, and we hope this short video explains further just how important for plants such as Acacia:

Acacia from Rob Guralick on Vimeo.


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