Calling all young people taking part in Notes from Nature!

Dear NfN Community,

You might notice an email coming from the Zooniverse team in the coming days, calling for young people to join a new research study, and we wanted to share a little more about this with you.

The Notes from Nature platform supports the transcription of data form many different Museum collections, including those from the Natural History Museum in London. Alongside participating in Notes form Nature, the Museum is responsible for a number of other citizen science projects relating to its collections and research and is taking part in an international collaboration to better understand how young people engage with projects of this nature.

The study is being carried out by researchers at the Open University and University of Oxford in collaboration with a range of other museums and academic institutions in the USA, funded by the National Science Foundation, Wellcome Trust & ESRC. The team aims to gain a better understanding of the experiences of people between the ages of 5-19 when taking part in Zooniverse projects, with the ultimate goal of designing better projects and tailoring learning experiences specifically for this age range.

As you might have guessed, Notes from Nature has been selected as one of the citizen science projects to be used in the study. The site and the classification process will remain exactly the same, however, if you’re one of our younger online-volunteers and would like to take part in the study you can find out more and sign up to be a part of it here [].


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