Another successful WeDigBio


WeDigBio 2018 was a great success! There were many productive onsite events. For example, the Field Museum welcomed over 400 people during this years WeDigBio! Notes from Nature received over 16,500 transcriptions during the four day event period. We also saw a lot of pre- and post- event activity which resulted in over 24,000 transcriptions during a one week period!

We want to thank the WeDigBio organizers, all the event hosts and most of all the volunteers that participated onsite or online. A special mention goes out to Notes from Nature volunteer am.zooni who is always willing to help in so many ways. We also want to thank the Zooniverse team for always keeping things running smoothly during times with such heavy site traffic.

We are already looking forward to WeDigBio 2019! In the mean time we have lots of great expeditions that need attention.

You can learn more about WeDigBio by checking out this paper published about the annual event.

— The Notes from Nature Team



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