Thanks a million (again)!


Artwork by Hannah Mathews (@hcmatthews on NfN Talk)


Well, you’ve done it again. Notes from Nature 2.0 just reached 1 MILLION, so let’s celebrate. It took about 994 days, which is around 1,000 classifications/transcriptions a day. We’ve had so many wonderful milestones along the way such as online and onsite events, transcription challenges and lots of lots of engaging research questions. Not to mention the many wonderful interactions with our amazing volunteers. We could never have imagined the community that would coalesced around this project. It would literally be nothing without all of you!

You can even review the over 175 expeditions that we have completed since starting Notes from Nature 2.0. We transitioned from Notes from Nature 1.0 with about 1,011,400 transcriptions, so this puts us well over 2 million for the entire project!

As always the site has lots of content to engage with and always plenty of herbarium specimens to transcribe. We have been particularly excited about our Labs, which currently feature 3 different phenology projects.

With gratitude,

The Notes from Nature Team


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