We Have A New Field Book!

We are excited to announce our new Field Book! Here are some of the key improvements with the Field Book: 1) We now have specialized reporting of your effort over time. 2) We have compiled information about your “recent” and “favorite” classifications and transcriptions onto the Field Book; 3) We have revamped our badging system. This includes some new badges and shows you progress as you work towards your remaining badges. Some new badges include a “decade” badges you can earn for transcribing a number of records that were collected during a particular decade. We also have badges for working at specific times of day such as the Night Owl badge.

In addition to new features, this is also part of our process to transition to an updated Zooniverse platform over the coming months. For this reason you may notice some differences in they way badge counts are calculated at launch time. This is mostly between group badges (e.g., Herbarium) and level badges (numbers of classifications). Nevertheless, we very excited about the new badges available and those still to come in this new framework going forward.

Take a look at the new Field Book and let us know what you think. We’ll also start a thread on Talk where you can report any issue you see or ask question.

— The Notes from Nature Team


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