Notes from Nature 3.0!

The time has come. We encourage you all to come on over to Notes from Nature and check out our recent upgrade. We have even started a specific Talk board for you to post your comments and questions.

Below are a few important aspects of the upgrade.

The Notes from Nature page will be organized around Projects. This will give providers new ways to add content and engage with volunteers. Today we launch with two new Projects from our old friends at WeDigFLPlants and Calbug! These are similar to the groups that we used before, but give data providers many more options for serving their content.

All the remaining Notes from Nature expeditions from 2.0 can be accessed through the “Notes From Nature” project link until they are all complete.

The custom Notes from Nature Field Book should function as expected and should contain all your classifications from NfN 2.0.

You may notice that the new page does not contain an Organization wide statistics page or a completed expeditions page. Both of these will be added back in the coming months. In the meantime, you can see some limited Organization-wide and full Project-wide statistics on the respective landing pages and through the links found there.

You will also note that each Project has its own Talk page. While we may utilize this option more in the future, for now these will only contain Notes posts related to subjects within that Project. The main NfN board will remain our primary discussion place.

Since there is room for more content on the Project pages, the expedition cards that we used in 2.0 have been replaced with a simple button that only contains the name of the expedition. This will be the case for the time being, but we do plan to revamp these buttons again in the coming months.

The Organization and Projects links have moved around a bit, so be sure to look at the menu bar, but also the lower right link area of each landing page.

— The Notes from Nature Team


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