Kalmia, Lyonia and Chimaphila!


We are embarking upon this expedition not just because of Kalmia, Chimaphila, and Lyonia’s beauty, but also to enable work study students to work remotely during a time of college classes moving online. However, one does not have to be a work study student to work on this project. If you just love databasing, love pretty flowers, and/or are partial to North Carolina plants…this is the expedition for you!

All three of these plants are in the blueberry and heath family.  They differ noticeably in size from one another. From the wee Chimaphila at 5 inches tall…to the waist high Lyonia….and all the way up to the sub-canopy Kalmia. Enjoy these plants while databasing and, sometime, take a hike in the wilds of North Carolina and visit these plants. Chimaphila blooms in June. Lyonia blooms midsummer. Kalmia is usually in full bloom on Mothers’ day, so go looking for them and take your mum! We thank you for taking the time to database these specimens with us and take a walk on the pretty side.  The data from these plants help researchers from around the world view our specimens! Cheers!

You can find this new expedition the Southeastern U.S. Biodiversity Project on Notes from Nature.

— Shanna Oberreiter,  University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill


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