New Lichen themed badges – we’re lichen ‘em!

Citizen scientists now have a new series of badges to earn – Lichen badges! With the launch of lichen subjects on Notes From Nature – Expedition Arctic Botany, you can complete transcriptions of lichen collection labels, and earn some nifty badges for your efforts. When you do, you’ll be adding original designs by artist and Canadian Museum of Nature botanist, Cassandra Robillard, to your field notebook.

These genus-inspired badges are earned when you transcribe 10, 50, 100, 250 and 500 subjects.

10 transcriptions will earn you the beautiful Firedot Lichen badge.

Inspired by the genus Caloplaca, the Firedot Lichen badges depicts a crustose type lichen. Firedot Lichens are named for their often-orange colour and darker, saucer-shaped structure or apothecia (fruiting bodies).

“Once you’ve earned your Firedot Lichen badge, the firedot lichen might put a fire in your belly to keep transcribing lichens” – Paul Sokoloff

50, 100 and 250 transcriptions will earn you the Peg Lichen badges.

These badges, inspired by the genus Cladonia, depict fruticose type lichens which form simple stalks or bushes. The genus Cladonia includes the Pixie Cup, Peg (depicted here), and Reindeer Lichens. Peg lichens, like the one depicted here, include the species Cladonia cristatella – sometimes called “British Soldiers” for its bright red caps. Reindeer Lichens are a primary food source for Reindeer and Caribou during winter. Recently Cladonia stellaris was voted as Canada’s proposed national lichen!

Finally, after 500 subjects transcribed, you can earn the Strap Lichen badge.

This badge, inspired by the genus Ramalina, depicts another fruticose lichen with flattened branches, hence the name “Strap Lichen”. Growing on branches, tree trunks or rocks in damp environments, fruticose lichens like Strap Lichen are often indicators for good air quality.

We hope you enjoy these new badges and earn them all! Looking forward to working with you on Expedition Arctic Botany!


2 responses to “New Lichen themed badges – we’re lichen ‘em!”

  1. Carla Gladstone says :

    I’ve been transcribing on Zooniverse. Have I “earned” any of these badges? If so, how do I “receive” one?

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