CU Boulder WeDigBio: Alaskan Exploration! Join us for our First Adventure!

The University of Colorado Herbarium is a section of CU Boulder’s Natural History Museum. Here, over 500,000 preserved plant specimens- including wildflowers, ferns, grasses, lichens, mosses and more are held! This herbarium emphasizes the flora of the southern Rocky Mountains and contains one of the largest collections of Colorado plants in the world!

This year, the CU Herbarium is launching our first WeDigBio expedition. WeDigBio is a global data campaign that gives community members to take part in the creation of digital data about biodiversity specimens. During this event, you will have the opportunity to aid our Herbarium in the transcription of labels on specimens in our collection.

For this expedition, CU Boulder’s Herbarium will be focusing on the extraordinary and rich plant life of Alaska. With nearly one third of land covered in forests, its unique thaw lakes, and its vast areas of frozen grounds, Alaska makes for a beautiful expedition! Of course, you will complete this expedition of specimen digitization right from the comfort of your own home! 

Click here to participate!

–The CU Herbarium Team


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