WeDigBio 2020, Day 2 Summary

It was another productive and exciting day of WeDigBio. Notes from Nature received over 6,900 classifications. Again, Expedition Arctic Botany and Invertebrate Time Machine saw lots of great activity. In addition, 5 projects saw over 500 classifications each. A special shout out to the Plants of Arkansas group who hosted a wonderful online talk. They will be another one tomorrow.

We hope everyone enjoys Day 3! While we always encourage you to work on the expeditions that most interest you, it’s also nice to see some expeditions completed during the event. You can always check out our statistics page to see the status of the various expeditions. At the time of writing two expeditions are over 90% complete and could use some love to help them get across the finish line. They are Plants of Northern Arkansas: Glade Quest (Part 2) and Spring Poppies, Jacks, Sedums, Beauties, Valerians, and Violets – Spring Refresher.

— The Notes from Nature Team


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