WeDigBio 2020 appreciation

We closed out the last day of WeDigBio with almost 9,000 classifications (8,999 to be exact)! That puts Notes from Nature at 28,956 for the entire event.

We are so very thankful and in awe of your contributions the last several days. WeDigBio was another huge success! We logged over 28,900 classifications, hosted well attended science talks. On top of that we continue to see lots of great activity today (> 4,000 classifications today so far).

We want to express our appreciation to everyone who contributed. Thanks to all the data providers, scientists, moderators, talk presenters and the Zooniverse team for keeping the system running behind the scenes. Most of all our appreciation goes out to all the volunteers, whether you did 1 classification or 1,000 your contributions are sincerely appreciated and every classification that is completed brings us closer to filling gaps in our knowledge of global biodiversity and our natural heritage.

There are still lots of expeditions from a wide variety of organisms. We hope you found the event rewarding and return again soon.

— The Notes from Nature Team


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