Invertebrate Time Machine is back

Hey, time travelers! California Academy of Sciences’ two maiden Invertebrate Time Machine expeditions were completed in record time, with both expeditions finished in a little over a month and we’re ready to launch another round of expeditions! Transcribers on this NfN project are having great time entering historical data from museum specimen label cards, while learning a little bit about marine invertebrates plus global and marine geography.

Thanks to more than 21,000 Notes from Nature classifications we’ve discovered data for loads of important historical specimens, including marine worms and brittle star specimens collected in the 1920’s and 1940’s by Ed Ricketts (early pioneer of marine ecology with a fascinatingly unconventional biography who served as inspiration for the character “Doc” in John Steinbeck’s Cannery Row) alongside deep-water longfinger hermit crabs collected in 1893 by a USFC Steamer “Albatross” expedition in the Bering Sea…and thousands more. All of this newly transcribed data will be made available to scientists (and everyone else) online. A huge thank you to our wonderful team of ITM expedition transcribers for making our first launch so successful!

This week we’ve launched two new expeditions: one Specimen Data II for transcribing species names and specimen related data and another Collecting Event Data II for transcribing Locality and other collecting event details. We’ve also made it possible for participants to earn Decade Badges for expedition Collecting Event Data so you can add more badges to your Notes from Nature Field Book as you transcribe collecting data from various decades. We’re thrilled to have your help with this project and look forward to having you aboard again!

Christina Piotrowski
Collections Manager of Invertebrate Zoology, California Academy of Sciences


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