WeDigBio 2021, Day 1 Summary

It was an great first day of WeDigBio 2021. We started off with 12 active Projects, 25 expeditions. The parasite, invertebrate and plant expeditions were particularly active. In total Notes from Nature received over 5,100 classifications.

We came across some incredible specimens yesterday as well. For example, the CalBug Project currently has an expedition of Cuckoo Wasps. They are called “cuckoo” after the birds of that name these wasps exhibit a behavior similar to cuckoo birds. They lay their eggs in the nests of unrelated species and some eat the host insect’s eggs or larvae. You can find more information about these wasps on Notes from Nature Talk.

A specimen (left) and field image (right) of cuckoo wasp Parnopes edwardsii. Left image Robin Gwen Agarwal CC BY-NC.

We are excited and ready for Day 2. A reminder that we have more public talks and events today. We also hope that some of you are enjoying your new badge right about now.

In gratitude,

— The Notes from Nature Team


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