WeDigBio 2021, Day 3 Summary

Thanks to everyone that joined us during Day 3 of WeDigBio 2021! Notes from Nature received over 5,600 classifications.

The New York Botanical Garden project was very active again yesterday, as was the Terrestrial Parasite Tracker project. We were also delighted to see so many classifications on the Labs expedition Label Babel 2. The Label Babel 2 expedition is different from many other expeditions and we are particularly excited to see the results once it’s complete.

Our volunteers have shared so many exciting discoveries. Yesterday this very rare orchid appeared in one of our active expeditions. It is a Vanilla species that is now presumed extirpated from the United States. It does still occur in the West Indies region. Culinary vanilla is extracted from other species of the same genus.

Vanilla dilloniana specimen from New York Botanical Garden (left). Image of cultivated Vanilla dilloniana specimen. Image and a write up about this plant worth checking out by Alan H. Chambers.

We hope everyone is enjoying the last day (few hours really!) of WeDigBio 2021. As always we’d love to hear from you. Please feel free to leave us some thoughts on the main Notes from Nature Talk board or you can always send a direct message to the Project Coordinator Michael @md68135 too.

— The Notes from Nature


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