Roses and Legumes of Alberta

With an extensive collection of plants from Alberta and around the world, the University of Calgary Herbarium is dedicated to the collection, preservation, and documentation of plant specimens. We are excited to announce our first expedition with Notes from Nature for transcribing specimens. This expedition focuses on specimens from the Rose and Legume families collected in Alberta. From the clovers growing in the cracks of the sidewalk, to the wild strawberries found in the mountains, there is a wide range of specimens to see in this expedition. 

Through the help of volunteers such as yourself, data regarding these specimens would swiftly become available to all who share an interest in botanical specimens. We hope you enjoy your time getting to know the Roses and Legumes of Alberta and we thank you for your participation! 

You can try out the new expedition on the Notes from Nature Herbarium Project.

— The University of Calgary Herbarium Team


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