WeDigBio starts tomorrow and a milestone

The Notes from Nature team is excited for the start of WeDigBio tomorrow! WeDigBio (Worldwide Engagement for Digitizing Biocollections) is a global data campaign, virtual science festival, and local outreach opportunity all rolled into one. This 4-day, twice-a-year event mobilizes participants to create digital data about biodiversity specimens.

Notes from Nature will be hosting lots of exciting expeditions featuring plants, beetles, flies, mammals, and even fleas. Remember to complete 10 transcriptions to earn your WeDigBio 2021 badge.

We are also hosting 3 live science talks: 

Lastly, Notes from Nature is approaching a major milestone: 3 million transcriptions completed on our current platform. With your help, it might even happen during the event.Log on and help us celebrate this amazing milestone.

We will also be using the hashtag #WeDigBio on Twitter and Facebook. We will also postsome blog updates during the event.

With appreciation, 

The Notes from Nature Team


3 responses to “WeDigBio starts tomorrow and a milestone”

  1. cattladie says :

    I was too late! All the projects appear to have been completed. Well done to everyone who contributed. Mass involvement gets the job done 🙂

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