New expedition and a new task

We are excited to announce the next installment in our series of Digi-Leap expeditions. The Digi-Leap project is focused on developing workflows to accelerate specimen digitization and make the data broadly available to museums and stakeholders alike. These Notes from Nature expeditions directly support the development of these new Digi-Leap tools.

This new expedition contains a brand new task that has never been tried on the Zooniverse before. The basic idea is to correct blocks of text and then submit them. Volunteers will be presented with the results of OCR from specific specimen labels and then will be asked to correct issues that they find. OCR output can have three types of errors; substitutions, deletions and insertions. We’ll ask you to try your best to match the OCR output text with the text on the original label and make any needed corrections. 

Since this expedition contains a new task we are launching this as a ‘beta’ expedition and asking for additional feedback. We’d be grateful if you could try out the expedition and give us feedback via a form.

If you like to edit and correct things then this expedition is for you! Please give OC – Are They In Need Of Correction? a try and let us know what you think.

– The Notes from Nature Team


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