Who loves statistics? We do!

Notes from Nature people are data junkies.  Why else would we be digitizing all this critical legacy biodiversity data and getting into formats where we can use it for societal good?


So, recently Notes from Nature (NFN) was involved in a big global transcription “blitz” and we wanted to ask ourselves some simple questions about the recent  event.  First, how many records did we digitize in the 3+ days of WeDigBio event at Notes from Nature?  How many new users signed up to learn about Notes from Nature?  How did our page visitation look during the event, right before and right after?  So, ready to dive in and have a quick look with us?  We are going to keep it simple and short:


Number of records transcribed during the event:
10/22 – 2,226 records
10/23 – 2,257 records
10/24 – 4,376 records
10/25 – 2,314 records


For a grand total of 11,173 records.  WOW!


To us at NFN, the more stunning statistics was the change in number of people who signed up to take part in Notes from Nature.  That number is an astonishing 1,493 new Zooniverse users enrolled during the WeDigBio event. The vast majority of these were to participate in Notes From Nature specifically. In two+ years, NFN has enrolled 8,531 users, so in a nutshell, 18% of our citizen scientists enrolled in that three day period.


Finally, here are some page view stats from Google Analytics:


From Sept. 23-28th, we had 199 page views across NFN.
From Oct. 22nd-25th, we had 6,780 page views across NFN.
From Nov. 18-23rd, we had 2,983 page views across NFN.


So. To recap. WeDigBio rocked hard.  It was a huge success that seems to have had lasting impact.


Why tell you guys this? Well because it makes a great case for the value of WeDigBio and NFN’s role in that kind of endeavor and it shows that you are all amazing and maybe the more we can help to do neat things together, great things really do happen.


Thoughts on this? We’d love to hear ’em!

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