Notes From Nature Restored!

Hi All,

Notes From Nature was down for most of the last two days. The problem was fixed late last night and all the interfaces should be working now.

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers for pointing this out and for providing details of the issues you were encountering. I want to give a shout out in particular to the users am.zooni, maggiej, Bonnie123 and HelenBennett57!

Please post in the Talk post here if you see any other issues over the next few days.

Happy Winter Solstice and Happy New Year!


2 responses to “Notes From Nature Restored!”

  1. Maggie Jacobs says :

    Thanks for the fix! Unfortunately, it looks like the double-image problem is back. Two sets of labels are being displayed, superimposed. Only the bottom set can be moved around. And of course there’s no way of knowing which one we should be transcribing.

    No, I don’t expect this to be fixed today!

  2. Maggie Jacobs says :

    Ooh, good news, it was just a momentary glitch. I tried again and now labels are displaying correctly.

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