The last set of herbarium images…

A very large set of herbarium images was just completed on Notes From Nature. It was over 15,000 images from the Southeast Louisiana State University herbarium. One important aspect of this set of images is that it contained all the specimens from this museum collection. This means that after the data is processed the entire collection will be digitally available to public. Small university collections like this benefit greatly from Notes From Nature transcribers. Without your efforts this data would not be mobilized for scientific and educational use.

This also means that there are no longer any herbarium related images on the current Notes From Nature site. Given that we plan to launch the new version of Notes From Nature next week (around June 15th), it is unlikely that we will post any new herbarium images until that time. We hope that all our dedicated herbarium transcribers will come back when the new site launches next week.

We are really excited for the launch of the new Notes From Nature site and are actively working to launch the new site very soon. We will update you all more about those efforts and what you can expect from the new site in the coming days.

— The Notes From Nature team


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