Update on our new version

Dear NFN Volunteers,

As we have previously announced we are very close to launching the new version of Notes From Nature. Our planned launch date is June 16th. At this time we are writing to update you on that progress and tell you about some the things we are doing to make this happen.

Why are we relaunching?  Over the three years of working on the Notes from Nature project, some things we wanted to make easier and better just couldn’t happen using the platform on which Notes from Nature was originally developed.  We are now going to leverage some really neat new features to make it easier to get new expeditions launched, and new ways to track progress, etc.  We’ll fill you in on all the neat thing very soon.  In the meantime…

We are working diligently to meet our deadline and have a lot of work to do in the next few days. We received some very useful feedback from over 50 different individuals as part of our beta launch. Feedback like this is so critical to the process of launching new software and we are extremely thankful to all those that participated. We are working to address as many of these changes as we can before the launch, but some things may take more time to complete.

In addition to the interface changes, we are in the process of preparing more datasets and working on an exciting new type of interface that will feature specimens that we have not featured before. Lastly is the very important task of writing up press releases and social media content to accompany the release.

We still have our sites on June 16th, but in all honesty we may have to delay a day or two depending on how much we can accomplish in the next few days.  More details as we get closer and hoping you’ll join in and bring friends when we go live in just a few days.


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