Notes from Nature like you have never seen it before

Tomorrow we will be rolling out a redesign of the entire Notes from Nature site. The changes are related to the look and feel of the site. This was a collaborative effort by one of our NfN developers at University of Florida and the Visual Designer at the Zooniverse.

We really like our new logo – soon to be revealed- and the overall look and we hope you do too. When the changes go live tomorrow, you will notice changes to all the major parts of the site such as the About and Completed Expeditions pages. The transcription interfaces should look the same.

If you haven’t recently checked out your Field Notebook on Notes from Nature, it would be an excellent time to take a look and get a glimpse of the before and after changes.  Even if you have recently checked it out, still take a peek because we’ve done a full redesign. We were excited to have a working page when we launched in June, and have been making changes along the way.

We have always had upgrade plans in mind, and this first step is about making that page look more fresh.  These efforts are part of our larger project goals that will unfold over the next few months. We expect further changes, including some neat mapping tools and other enhancements in the next year. Until then, we value feedback on the new enhancements and we’ll be pushing hard on the items you’ve been requesting as well.

Thanks for all the work – all the updates in the world don’t mean a thing without your contributions!


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