UASM Tiger Beetles 1 – Complete

Thank you to all Notes from Nature contributors that helped with the 1st Tiger Beetle expedition of the University of Alberta’s E.H. Strickland Entomological Museum. Thanks to your hard work, we now have data for 1000 more specimens digitized! We are all very excited to see that there is such a lively and active group of natural history enthusiasts willing to help make our data available to the world.

This was our first foray into citizen science data transcriptions via Notes from Nature, but there are many more still to come. We have 41000 ground beetle specimens that have yet to be digitized. About 7000 of these are from locations in Canada, 1000 are from the United States, 4000 are from Mexico, 4000 are from Central America and 25000 are from South America. About half of these (mostly those collected north of South America) have been imaged and are waiting to be uploaded to Notes from Nature expeditions. These represent about 1200 species of ground beetles from about 180 different genera.

Stay tuned for our next expedition “UASM Tiger Beetles 2”!

Thanks again,

–Bryan Brunet, PhD

Collections Management Advisor (Natural Sciences), University of Alberta Museums, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada


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