BOON herbarium thanks you!

Our “Plants have all the anthers! Pt 1” was a great success! We appreciate everyone’s hard work. This first expedition contained over 780 specimens, which is no small feat. As the title suggests, this was is just the beginning! Soon our new expedition will launch so keep an eye out for “Plants have all the anthers! Pt 2”. Feel free to follow the BOON Herbarium on Facebook or Twitter to keep track of all the exciting discoveries and events we have going on. The BOON Herbarium thanks everyone for their time and effort for making Notes from Nature such a success for all herbaria!


A botany class out exploring at Appalachian State University

— Jordan Willet, Appalachian State University, Boone, North Carolina, U.S.A.

Editor’s Note: BOON is the official acronym for the herbarium at Appalachian State University. A resource called Index Herbariorum compiles the acronyms for the over 3,000 herbaria around the world.


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