Happy Anniversary


It has been a year since we launched the new version of Notes from Nature or what we sometimes call “NfN 2.0.” The new platform has been a big improvement for us, providing the opportunity to really bring a range of new expeditions up and online, and to connect to more people than ever before. We hope NFN2.0 has been something in which you’ve been excited to take part!

In the past year, over 281,000 images have been transcribed by 3,641 registered volunteers. We have completed 64 expedition from a variety of expeditions groups. We added fossils, butterflies, aquatic insects and even brought back fungi to the site.  We hope to have new and exciting expeditions to bring forward in the next year, including more phenology exhibits and new groups.  There are some exciting new developments on transcription improvements, field book contents, and how we organize our expeditions, that should also come online in the next year.  We can’t wait for Y2 for NFN2.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Zooniverse team and all of the specimen image providers that we work with, but most of all the site wouldn’t be a success without a dedicated group of volunteers. We sincerely hope that you all find value in working with us and we remained committed to providing a valuable experience for you.


The NfN Team


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