WeDigFlowering I complete


Enormous thanks to all who participated in the experimental Coreopsis phenology project! I was blown away by your dedication through this new challenge, and I can’t wait to start analyzing the data for trends in flowering and fruiting times. I am also excited to investigate how citizen scientists’ phenological determinations compare to one another and to those of “experts” on the species; perhaps citizen science could be a transformative method for specimen-based studies of phenology!

If you participated in this expedition, we especially want to hear your thoughts on how to improve phenology-related tasks in the future. Please comment or chat with us about what you liked or didn’t like, what helped you most and how you would suggest improving training and the overall experience.

Be on the lookout for new phenology expeditions in the near future, which will likely feature a new segment of plant diversity. Thanks again!

Katelin D. Pearson, Curator, R. K. Godfrey Herbarium (FSU)



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