Another NfN milestone

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 11.13.10 PM

Half a million? Five hundred thousand? 500K?

Either way it’s an impressive amount of effort from an amazing group of volunteers. Yesterday NfN reached another incredible milestone; 500,000 transcriptions have now been completed since we launched our second version of the platform. Let’s break this down a bit. If the average transcription takes 3 minutes then we have spent 25,000 hours unlocking these important biodiversity resources.

The NfN team is thrilled with the progress that we have been making and as many of you know all our data is slowly making it’s way to open access data portals like SERNEC and iDigBio among others. These data are already being utilized by researchers, conservation organizations and policy makers. We are also very interested in the benefits that our volunteers get from being involved. For example, we often hear from volunteers who tell us how NfN gives them a much-anticipated break from the stresses of their work or how NfN has encouraged them to get involved with one of their local museums. We also hear of volunteers who have taken some of the knowledge they have learned through the expeditions and gotten outside to experience biodiversity in their local area.

It’s been a wonderful journey and we are looking forward to many future milestones!

— The NfN Team


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