NfN and the Virginia Master Naturalist Program

We wanted to share this wonderful post about how NfN is being used by the Virginia Master Naturalist program. Master Naturalists can earn volunteer service by working on NfN. The NfN Team is very excited to be part of this partnership!

3 responses to “NfN and the Virginia Master Naturalist Program”

  1. Kathleen A. says :

    NfN volunteer stats are kept by “number of specimens.” How do the Virginia Master Naturalists convert this into “volunteer hours” for the annual requirement for volunteer time?

    • mwdenslow says :

      Great question. We have talked about this a bit, but still need to figure out the specific action. At the moment, we are thinking that we would provide those numbers to the person that set up the expedition in summary format.

    • mprysby says :

      Virginia Master Naturalists are expected to keep track of their volunteer time separately and enter it into our volunteer management system. That’s where we go to find out how many hours they have contributed to different activities and projects.

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