Happy 2nd Anniversary!


It has been two years since we launched the new version of Notes from Nature or what we sometimes call “NfN 2.0.” We wanted to take a moment to thank everyone and reflect on some events.

In the past two years, over 666,000 images have been transcribed by over 6,000 amazing volunteers. We have completed 124 expeditions from a variety of plant and animal groups. We have launched some mobile app based expeditions, and have been featuring more simple expeditions such as State Spotter and lots related to phenology. Our goal is to both facilitate science and provide a variety of rewarding volunteer experiences on the site.

There have been some milestones as well such as setting a new record of over 8,000 transcriptions in a single day!

Notes from Nature has also continued to have onsite events such as the one we organized on Earth Day this year called Take a Note. WeDigBio continues to be major yearly event for Notes from Nature and some of the team recently published a paper about it. Let’s not forget about museum kiosk event called Phenomuse!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the Zooniverse team and all of the specimen image providers that we work with, but most of all the site wouldn’t be a success without a dedicated group of volunteers. We sincerely hope that you all find value in working with us and we remained committed to providing a valuable experience for you. We have some neat, new additions planned for Notes from Nature in the coming year, and can’t wait to share some of those soon.


The NfN Team


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