WeDigBio 2018 update

wedigbioHi All,

We are excitedly preparing for WeDigBio 2018! The event runs from October 18th – 21st. This is a big event for all of us at NfN and often results in a tremendous amount of activity on our site.

Check out the event list on the WeDigBio website for events that might be happening near you. Even though most of the events are onsite, anyone can still participate from wherever they are. You can track the progress on the very cool dashboard on the WeDigBio site. We will also be using the hashtag #WeDigBio on Twitter and Facebook, along with some blog updates during the event.

Please keep an eye out for lots of new expeditions launching throughout the week. We even launched a new State Spotter expedition just moments ago! As usual we’ll have lots of content on our site from herbarium specimens, to bees, butterflies and of course phenology.

— The Notes from Nature team


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